At SUNY, we are reinventing the role of public higher education in America.

With 64 campuses and over 7,000 academic programs, our reach extends far beyond classroom walls. With program offerings at the associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral and certificate levels in subjects from accounting to zoology, every student can find and follow their unique passion at SUNY.

We believe higher education is not just for the fortunate; we know it is a necessity in today’s changing economy. At SUNY, we provide an outstanding, affordable education taught by world-renowned scholars who are also talented practitioners who excel in their chosen fields.

We also know that education is a lifelong process that starts not when a student reaches college, but in childhood, continuing through an entire lifetime. We work to foster lifelong learning and bridge the gaps that impede success along the way. To that end, SUNY’s leaders are developing an inclusive and seamless education pipeline to fuel the economic revitalization of New York State. As the nation’s largest comprehensive system of public higher education, SUNY is coordinating multiple components that, when knitted together, create a network of activity more powerful than any action of individual parts on their own. Every type of student, in every stage of life, with every kind of passion will find a place at SUNY.

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Explore our Programs

SUNY offers an amazing depth and breadth of academic programs-over 7,000 in all. Explore these programs and see how just about every academic program you could pursue is available somewhere within SUNY.

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Degree Planning Tools

Degree planning and auditing software will allow parents, faculty advisors, and admissions counselors to quickly see how far along a student is toward completing degree requirements and to see how that status may vary depending on the institution or degree program they select.

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Expert Faculty

SUNY faculty span nearly every conceivable discipline in order to support the education of hundreds of thousands of curious minds across New York State.

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New York State Master Teacher logo

New York State Master Teacher Program

The role of master teachers as professional mentors and content experts is key to developing the current cadre of outstanding educators as well as developing skilled future teachers.

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SUNY Works

The SUNY Works program engages students in a structural education that blends classroom studies with experiential learning directly in a field related to the student's academic and career goals.

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Open SUNY is a SUNY-wide collaboration that opens the door to world-class online-enabled learning opportunities; a seamless way to access the courses, degrees, professors, and rich academics of all 64 SUNY campuses.

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The SUNY Teacher and Leader Education Network is an initiative “created by faculty for faculty” as a powerful new approach to the preparation of teachers and school leaders in New York State.

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